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Websites Found an interesting website? Post the details here and share it with the rest of us. Please stick to websites that are in some way related to our hobby/interest.

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Default Re: Lisle St

I well remember Proops in Tottenham Court Road. I was about 14 at the time. Proops were selling test tubes and other glass lab equipment. I reached up to pick up a beaker ,caught the cuff of my duffle coat on something and brought the shelf full of glassware down. I didnít realise how fast I could run. It was many years before I feared set foot in there again.

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Cruisin Marine
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Default Re: Lisle St

My memories
Deptford: Garlands, Bi Pak next door I think, RF industrial down the road towards New Cross same side, Opposite there was Greenwelds (who later went to Southampton, but I never got there-sadly).. anyone remember the massive old Mill that was near Greenweld's and the old cinema I think it once was?
Tott Ct. Road: Z and I (Millions of 10X crystals) and Proops
Chapel St, Ralphs (mostly transformers)
Edgware Road: H.L Smiths who made excellent aluminum custom and pre-made boxes and always had that big old black and white TV blasting away (I loved that place), also Henry's,
Lisle St: G.W. Smith (always moaning about the rats in the cellar)
Kingston: Southern Surplus (old Steptoe always had loads of 19 and 62 sets),
Crystal Palace/ Croydon - Anerley?: Huggets- always had endless goodies at great prices
Acton: Bonex had a crackin' shop near the station- most helpful indeed,
Croydon: A.J Bull (later in Hove),
Bromley: Richardson's components, really crackin'shop,
Lincoln: Birketts (still going I believe),
Worthing: GWM Radio in Portland Road.

I am sure I have missed some, but, all great times.
Admin's I posted this in wrong place- please delete thanks

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Default Re: Lisle St

As noted upthread, Lisle Street was essentially obsolete by the time I got into electronics; the action had moved to TCR and Edgware Road.

I remember buying "Goodie bags" from Henrys Radio [loads of MAT-type transistors, and a handful of FT243 crystals featuring not-quite-amateur-band frequencies but close-enough for us to use to tune-up our experimental transmitters].

In the early-80s I bought a Datong RF-speech-processor board, A Trio VHF ham-band poetable [TR2200G?] and loads of "Antenna Specialists" base-loaded half-wave VHF mobile antennas from Lee Electronics [400 Edgware Road]. These antennas were truly the greatest way to make best use of 15 Watts of RF from a Pye Westminster or similar. I recall extreme angst taking a 3/8-inch drill to a brand-new Rolls-Royce in order to fit one such antenna so the local sand-and-aggregate-magnate could keep in touch with his tipper-truck-drivers who were building the Western part of M25.
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Default Re: Lisle St

I didn't realise there were these interesting shops in Lisle street until I saw this post, I used to go with my Father on trips to London in the very early 1970s and used to drag him round a shop or two in Tottenham court road just buying odd valves/components but sounds as if I was missing the best places!
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Default Re: Lisle St

My problem was that in the days when almost every shop in Lisle Street was interesting, I was just a child with little money. I read in magazines how wonderful and cheap all this ex-military stuff was, but when I got there it wasn't cheap to me!

One day I did find a cheapish PCR set - and found out why when I got it home - the SW coil was missing. I also bought a control unit which I cut up for parts - and I now regret this as I actually need a working one! The parts were all so strange (multi-tapped pots etc) that I think the only ones that were useful was some knobs and the on/off switch (which remains in daily service to this very day!)

Eventually I got a job over the summer holidays and that was when I bought a Hartley 13A and a portable UHF TV. I still have both!
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Default Re: Lisle St

Originally Posted by Viewmaster View Post
Originally Posted by TowerRadio View Post
The shop in Edgware Rd was Samsons.In the mid-80's I walked past at the time of Samsons closing down and there was a large skip outside stacked to the brim with all manner of transformers,many in original boxes.
When Samsons closed down in the Edgware Rd they moved to a smaller shop in a small street next to the Underground Edgware Rd. Station.
I just remember that place from sauntering around there at the time, quite a poky place stacked high with surplus transformers of every winding permutation. Oh to have been around for that skip!
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Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: Lisle St

It's one of those cruel Exclusive-OR functions

Once, when we were all lads, the magazines were full of treasure that we couldn't afford.

Now that we've all built up some money (and some wrinkles) and could afford it, it's all gone.


Can't afford the volcanic island yet, but the plans for my monorail and the goons' uniforms are done
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Default Re: Lisle St

I think there's often a sort of Schmitt trigger syndrome with things, especially the likes of R1155s- one day, they're almost a nuisance round your ankles, something you stand on to reach the top shelf or change a lightbulb. Then everyone thinks, haven't seen one for a while, better get one before they vanish- and the price soars.

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