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Default Buying and selling in the forums.

These forums are generally a safe place to buy and sell, but from time to time the moderators receive complaints about buyers or sellers. The owner of the forum and the moderators cannot get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers and are not in any way liable for the outcome of any transactions. However if several complaints are received about a single member, then the moderators will ban that member from the forums.

If members believe they have been defrauded by a seller or buyer they may wish to take action through the police or small claims court (County Court):- For England and Wales. For Scotland. For Northern Ireland.

There are some things buyers can do to protect themselves:-

When paying for items it is best to do so by Bank Transfer, Crossed Cheque, Crossed Postal Order or Paypal. All of these methods of payment are trackable and traceable. If using PayPal use the option for paying for goods or services as this includes the PayPal protection.

Never make payments by cash or uncrossed postal order, unless you're collecting the goods in person. Such payments cannot be tracked or traced.

Always post payments by a trackable service such as Recorded Delivery.

Don't fall for sob stories like:-

"My identity has been stolen and my bank account cleaned out. I must have payment by uncrossed Postal Order"

"I can't have the money pass through my bank account as I'll have to pay tax on it".

"Please make payment to my wife/partner's account or I'll have to pay tax on it".

If you are in any way unsure about items offered for sale or the seller (for example if something in their PMs does not feel quite right) then do not send any money and let the moderators know.
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