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Repair and Restoration Services Wanted If you need someone to repair or restore equipment for you please post your request here.

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Default Peavey heritage VTX series 130w - 6L6EH electro Harmonix


asking for a friend in London (Finsbury Park)

I've just sold the valve tester I had access to - so the story so far . . .

The amp is a beast, worked well, then developed a hum. New valves and off it went again for a while. After some years out of use, has had crackly pots lubed and it works fine on one channel, hums badly on the other.

User is going to be come a Forum member I hope so she can read the responses . . .

Has anybody the capability to test the valves to see if they are at fault? I'm guessing it could easily be a capacitor issue surrounding the offending channel, but it would be good to eliminate the valves being duff.

Amp has all valves installed + 3 old spares (6L6GC).

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Default Re: Peavey heritage VTX series 130w - 6L6EH electro Harmonix

The VTX uses a novel idea in the output stage, fixed voltage on the grids with a solid state driver on the cathodes. I have had the transistors suffer from thermal runnaway in the past.
The output stage is of an Ultra Linear design but as these valves are running with 525volts on their anodes, a standard valve tester will probably not show up many if any defects.

I am in Weymouth and would be happy to service the amplifier for you or even just test the 6L6s but as I say, testing might not show up any isues in the valves.
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