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Components and Circuits For discussions about component types, alternatives and availability, circuit configurations and modifications etc. Discussions here should be of a general nature and not about specific sets.

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Default Re: Slow Motion drives.

Originally Posted by Cruisin Marine View Post
Perhaps a slo mo drive and an added edge wise thumbwheel connected to a varicap may give the answer?
I think my idea of a slo-mo drive to the multiturn pot for the whole thing is easier.

15 turn pot and 6:1 slo-mo gives 90 turns to cover 300KHz, which sounds like a nice slow tuning rate.
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Default Re: Slow Motion drives.

Just my thoughts.

How about fit the largest knob you can fit onto the receiver?. This will also help the physics of moving the knob I.E a greater torque would be developed which will mean less force required to overcome the grease in the mechanics compared to a small knob, and also with a large knob the circumference of the side of the knob is also longer and therefore easier to fine-tune than a knob with small dimensions.

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