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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default ZENITH console radio 8S661

Hi everyone

I have got hold of a Zenith console radio 8S661 which has had some partial restoration so works very well on radio reception. I would like to add an auxiliary input as there is no gram on these, my thoughts were via the volume pot but wonder if anyone could advise the best way, I would need to cut the radio signal as its too noisy even on one of the quieter wavebands.
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Default Re: ZENITH console radio 8S661

I would use a mono jack socket of the switching type. There are types with 2 or more change over contacts which give you a number of options including breaking the audio path from the detector and changing the DC conditions in the local oscillator so that it doesn't run.
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Default Re: ZENITH console radio 8S661

I have seen some folks adding a switching jack at the grid of the first audio tube, or first audio amp xistor.
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