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Other Vintage Household Electrical or Electromechanical Items For discussions about other vintage (over 25 years old) electrical and electromechanical household items. See the sticky thread for details.

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Default Re: Neon tester vs dodgy wiring

I would be astonished if the supply was DC. DC mains "went out with the war" for new installations, and existing systems were largely extinct by 30 or 40 years ago.

If the house is to be let, then I see no alternative to a complete re-wire in full compliance with latest standards.
The regulations ARE in effect applied retrospectively for rental properties and are usually interpreted as requiring compliance with the latest rules including.
RCD/RCBO protection to all power socket circuits.
RCD/RCBO protection to lighting and other circuits if wired in shallow buried, non armoured cables.
Mains powered smoke detectors.

Replacing non earthed metal light switches with plastic might be acceptable for ones own use, but not for a rental.
Measured leakage of 10ma from a single switch is potentially dangerous and cause for serious concern. It represents the dissipation of well over 2 watts, easily enough to start a fire if concentrated at one point and long continued.

I would go so far as to recommend that the installation be isolated pending renewal.
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Default Re: Neon tester vs dodgy wiring

Mandatory routine electrical inspections for private rented property were announced by the government last July, but even so, any electrical fault causing harm that could've been prevented by such an inspection would be covered by the due diligence for landlords clause which (I'm no expert) is part of...I think..the building regs.
Maybe get a lawyer to run over that one before it goes off topic!!
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Station X
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Default Re: Neon tester vs dodgy wiring

They only launched a consultation regarding routine inspections. It isn't law yet.

Note that they're proposing yet another competent person’s scheme for those carrying out the inspections.

Beware of misinformation put out by testing companies trying to drum up business.
Graham. Forum Moderator

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Default Re: Neon tester vs dodgy wiring

Hi All

Did this ever get resolved? Im just interested to know what was causing the issue in the first place.


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