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Vintage Amateur and Military Radio Amateur/military receivers and transmitters, morse, and any other related vintage comms equipment.

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gm0ekm cecil
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Default Re: Feeder prior to 1950 or 1940

I was given a reel of cable in the mid 1980's by a Shetland radio amateur who was a V.I. and latterly seconded to the RAF during WW II. The cable is a twin insulated feeder enclosed in high grade copper braid. This feeder along with a RG213 coaxial cable goes under a road to my antennas some 70 metres from my station. The twin feeder from my 80m delta loop is tuned via a Z-match in the station tuning from 80m. to 10m. I have never had any need to replace the feeder system, working a large number of dx stations all over the world.

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