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Default Sony 1330 tv

Hi can anyone help can the focus be adjusted with out taking back of tv off on model Sony KV1330 UB there are hole on back of tv a bottom of the back cover what they for thanks mike
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Default Re: Sony 1330 tv

Hi Bigmike 1958,

The focus cannot be adjusted without taking the back cover off.

The adjustments which can be made are shown on the back cover abbreviated in the usual way

For example SCRN - Screen, which is used in conjunction with the B - Blue, G - Green and R - Red background controls to adjust the grey scale. H Size - Horizontal size. H Cent - Horizontal Centre, V Size - Vertical Size complete the ones you can see whilst there are more underneath. If in doubt, leave alone.

Potentially, this is a really interesting set to own, but beware of a flat CRT, which might be why the focus needs adjusting and note this model has been the subject of a thread by Studio263

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Welsh Anorak
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Default Re: Sony 1330 tv

Don't forget the focus control doesn't adjust like a 'normal' TV - it's quite limited. As Chris says, the need to adjust it is often symptomatic of a worn CRT.
Taking the back off isn't a problem. Either the black part comes off on its own or else the whole wooden box comes off. To do this, remove the two screws underneath and the two knobs. Remove the arrowed screws and it all comes nicely apart with good access to the controls you need.
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