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Default PYE PMR in Northern Ireland

Hello from Dave, I have come accross some very interesting posts from PMR engineers in England. I was also a PYE engineer in Belfast. One day we got a call from a hospital telling us that their radio system had failed. We went to the repeater site where I found a broken window, the receiver of the f27 switched off and a golf ball beside said f27. Someone on the golf course had a Wild shot me thinks.

Another strange one was when I was asked by my line manager about my high frequency hearing. I was sent to a mobile in a quarry where the driver was complaining of a constant noise in the cab. A colleague had been earlier but found no problem, but I did. Before I reached the vehicle I heard a high pitched whistle. It was the voltage dropper used with the m290. The whistle was the inverter oscillator.
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Default Re: PYE PMR in Northern Ireland

This was a well known issue in the TV repair business too.
When I started in the trade I could tell if the TV in the customers room was on 625 or 405 lines before I even saw the set, now I have no perception of even 405 line frequency (10,125Hz)
It was no good to keep sending a tech with cloth ears to a young customer who was slowly being driven insane by her television.

Sometimes the level was normal, and little could be done, but with many colour sets some of the inductors in the east-west correction circuits etc. were well known for singing away, and could be damped with a good squirt of RS multipurpose adhesive.
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