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Default Eddystone 1650/6 manual tuning modification


For some time I have possessed a Eddystone 1650/6 communications receiver in nearly new condition that I had relinquished to storage due to pressing time constraints shortly after acquisition. I recently removed it from storage and then had remembered that this particular model was designed mostly for computer control since it had no tuning dial on the front panel.

From what I can gain from the schematic it appears that Eddystone did include the ability to connect a digital incremental (quadrature output) encoder to the internal circuitry possibly either for “testing” or that this was an artifact from those models that did include a tuning dial on the front panel. From this I recently obtained a nice encoder knob designed primarily for use with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines but have not had a chance to try it out to see if the receiver will respond to manual tuning input.

I came across a mention on the web that there had been a fellow who accomplished the task of converting this receiver to manual tuning but apparently had to re-program the receiver firmware in order to do so. This started me to thinking that I should probably inquire from those who maybe familiar with this subject to gain more information before proceeding any further.

Another part of this attempt involves actual mounting of the knob to the front panel if success is achieved in getting the receiver to respond to the tuning input. The entire face of the receiver front panel consists of a plastic overlay that contains embedded circuitry to connect to all of the membrane switches contained on it. The area where the actual factory installed tuning knob on other models is located is blank. Without invasively opening this area (thereby probably damaging the plastic overlay) I am not certain as to if it may contain connecting circuitry for the existing membrane switches and be damaged if any drilling to mount the knob may be incurred. The tuning knob that was acquired is a nice surface-mount device of metal composition only requiring three small holes to mount.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

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John KC0G
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Default Re: Eddystone 1650/6 manual tuning modification

Hello Greg

It was Geoff Steedman, M0BGS who did the conversion on the Eddystone 1650/6. He wrote it up in Issue 72 of Lighthouse, which was published by the Eddystone User Group. It was on pages 6 to 9, but unfortunately page 8 is incorrect and obviously missing in the scan which you can find it at:
I would suggest that you start there.

It appears that Geoff is still living in Leeds in the UK. There is an email address for him at I will put it in a PM to you.

HTH and 73

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