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Vintage Test Gear and Workshop Equipment For discussions about vintage test gear and workshop equipment such as coil winders.

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Andy's Eagle10K
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Default EAGLE EP-10K multi meter

Hi all,
Looking for help, My Dad has had his EAGLE EP-10K multi meter, given to him from his older brother, maybe 40-50 years back, It has served him well all these years until, not so bright son (ME) used it to test voltage, oops no overload protection on these models, wrong connection points used, the pointer no longer responds, on inspection in the back there are no obvious components that are damaged, but it no longer works, My Dad has forgiven me but I have not forgiven myself, what do you think maybe my chance of getting it working again.
Cheers Andy
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Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: EAGLE EP-10K multi meter

The very, very fine wire in the movement of a sensitive meter makes a most efficient fuse, so the chances are not high of repairing it. It could be a burned-out resistor, but the probabilities are not in your favour.

You're only likely to get a spare as part of a complete working meter, so you could get him something different as he knows and has forgiven you. The western world is awash with surplus test equipment now that so much of the electronics industry has run away to China.

How about a classic AVO model 8? they can be quite affordable if you look around.

If you want protection, then that means a modern Fluke DVM and they're costly.

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Default Re: EAGLE EP-10K multi meter

If you are very, very lucky there will be an internal fuse which has blown.

If you just need a functional general purpose test meter you can buy a perfectly decent DMM for occasional amateur use for 10-15, or even a bit less. The Flukes mentioned by David are professional instruments and priced accordingly, though you can sometimes find secondhand bargains.
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Default Re: EAGLE EP-10K multi meter


With pretty much all Analogue Meters, whether it can be repaired or not pretty much boils down to if the Meter Movement is damaged or not. i.e. the Coil.

As others have alluded too, it is most likely the Coil on the Meter Movement has been burnt out. Most Likely, but by no means definite.

The first test should be to check the Movement for continuity.
That will mean testing the Movement directly and not via the Switches and Test Leads on the meter.

Once you know if the Movement has survived intact, you will know if you have a chance of resurrecting the Eagle.
If the Movement turns out to be good, it's well worth saving.

Let us know how you get on

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