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Gi4CZW Cliff
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Default Pratical Mechanics Oct. 1952 request.

A friend has been asking if a copy/photo of " part 2 " of an article from this magazine can be found. I understand it is the second part of how to make a hand loom. Hears hoping. Cliff.
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David G4EBT
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Default Re: Pratical Mechanics Oct. 1952 request.

I've just checked the archive of Practical Mechanics at the wonderful American History site, but unfortunately, there are few issues on there as yet. It's sod's law that the whole of 1953 is there, but nothing else for the 1950s:

I can't find any other archived source, but such magazines often crop up on ebay, though at prices which seem well above their true worth, generally from sellers who specialise in that sort of thing and offer them at 'buy it now' prices, relisting them till they eventually find a market. EG one recent sale of October 1952: 9.95 + 2.95 p&p, described as 'in fine condition':

There's a picture of the front cover here, the cover project being 'Building a Tape Recorder':

Sorry, I guess this is no help at all, but I do hope someone can help, so good luck in your quest Cliff.

People often offer old books and magazines to clubs and societies, so someone might have the one you're after.

I'm secretary of a Woodturning Club and we're often offered old and quite recent woodturning and woodworking books, from house clearances but sadly, no-one wants them. As with most practical hobbies, youtube, and to a lesser extent, DVDs, has put paid to books. I take woodturning/woodworking books straight to the Oxfam book shop, and magazines just get dumped.

Anyone who has tried to offer Practical Wireless, Radcom, Radio Constructor, Radio Bygones etc free on the forum will know that it's a hapless task, largely due to postage costs and lack of interest. Heaps of such books at radio rallies go ignored and unsold.
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Default Re: Pratical Mechanics Oct. 1952 request.

If no-one on the forum has one, there's a copy for sale here:-

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