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Components and Circuits For discussions about component types, alternatives and availability, circuit configurations and modifications etc. Discussions here should be of a general nature and not about specific sets.

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Default Pre-amplifier for a ceramic cartridge.

I have a high output ceramic cartridge with a capacitance of 16000pf, can anyone help me with a preamp circuit, thanks.
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Default Re: Pre-amplifier for a ceramic cartridge.

Is that the cartridge equivalent circuit capacitance (which determines load resistance needed for good bass response) or just what you see when you poke it with a capacitance meter?

What's the make/model of the cartridge? That would be more helpful.

In simplistic terms most ceramic cartridges need a high impedance (>1M) input flat response amplifier, gain needed depends on sensitivity of following amplifier circuits.
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Default Re: Pre-amplifier for a ceramic cartridge.

A preamp has to bridge between two things. To choose one or to design one you need to know the cartridge's characteristic and you also need to know what the preamp is to drive. Nitty details like what power supplies are available help too.

Once the necessities are tied down, there is still a lot of room for personal tastes to get in. It can be done with triodes, tetrodes or pentodes, bipolar transistors, JFETs or opamps. Some people have religious attitudes to these choices.

If it was mine, I wouldn't use a high output cartridge, I'd rather pass it on to someone restoring a classic record player that really needs one, and I'd use a medium output cartridge which would be great with a proper preamp. A suitable preamp could be a quite simple circuit with a TL072 opamp for example. One of those could certainly make a high enough impedance (in non-inverting mode) for good bass as well as providing as much gain as you might need.

Piezo-elecric cartridges do all the equalising yo need mechanically. Amplifiers only need to be flat.

So, what is it to drive, and what are your preferences?

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