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Default Post Edit ?

Some of the posts I submitted that have made it to the forum in the last 15 minutes or so of typing this can't be edited, why is that ?

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Default Re: Post Edit ?

Not sure about the exact time period but it has always been the case that posts can only be edited for a finite amount of time after the initial post. This is to avoid the confusion which would ensue if someone made a post, ten people replied to it in detail and the OP then edited and completely changed the wording or sense of their original post.

I wish the interval was a bit longer though, as I often re-read something I have posted only to spot a 'double-the' or some other obvious error which I never seem to notice at any time prior to hitting 'submit'.

If your post contains something which with hindsight, you realise is a misleading or dangerous error you can always flag up the post to a mod using the red triangle icon (lower left) and explain in detail exactly what it was which was wrong, and what you want it changed to. I have always found the mods very helpful in cases like this but I don't trouble them for mere spelling mistakes.
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