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Default Unboxing a 'new' Sony Betamax from 1983

I found this pretty interesting:
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Default Re: Unboxing a 'new' Sony Betamax from 1983

I am amazed that it all seemed to work OK from cold after nearly 40 years in the original box. I expected there to be problems with belts at the very least having held a certain shape for so long, interestingly no apparent electrolytic issues either. A nice thing to have.
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Default Re: Unboxing a 'new' Sony Betamax from 1983

Good job those batteries diddnt leak into it !
Great to see an unboxing though.
Ive got some Atari 2600 carts from about 1977 still sealed in their original shipping package box.
Theres a big temptation to actually open them but once ive done it , the magics gone(and the value)
Oh I've had that for years dear!!
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Default Re: Unboxing a 'new' Sony Betamax from 1983

Possibly Maxell sourced batteries, I have some from 1986 (use by date) in a Philips remote and they still operate it. No leakage.

The SLC9 was a classic, I bought one back in the day travelling down to Manchester to get it as I wanted new and in an unopened box.

I'm actually slightly surprised it all powered up seemingly without issue after all those years. All the noises it made sounded very familiar although the threading ring sounded a bit 'dry' and clattery. Also the flap/shutter on the carriage sticks and comes up at a distressed angle... freeze the video at 6'25" to see.

What a lovely machine though. I did a quick tally of the semiconductors in these once over using the service manual. Can't remember the figures now other than they were big, very big. Transistor count ran to a few hundred from memory, similar for the IC count... and yet it all fitted in that super sleek case. I think there was just the one loading belt for the main deck. Did the carriage have one, I don't think it did actually.
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