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Default Repair Sought - JVC RC M70

Hi All,

Newbie to the forum here. My background is that I am an amateur destroyer of vintage electronics with primary focus on the inadvertent destruction of classic boomboxes.

I recently obtained a JVC RC M70. When I got it the radio worked perfectly but there was a problem with the cassette deck: autostop would kick-in after a few seconds of winding or playing. Cosmetically pretty good condition with both antennas in place, no cracks to plastic and no corrosion to battery terminals. I figured the auto stop problem was probably due to worn out belts and the need for a good clean.

I therefore ordered some new belts and got hold of the service manual. I proceeded to painstakingly take the boombox apart, photographing and sketching every stage of disassembly. I managed to put the new belts on and, eventually, got everything back together.

Suffice to say I now have a broken boombox: radio only works with pressure applied to the band selection buttons; and the cassette deck has gone completely mad: press a button and auto stop clicks like crazy; continues to click even when stop button is applied. Only way to stop the clicking is to remove the plug from the wall!

Anyway, apologies for the long winded post. Is there anyone out there willing to attempt a repair for me? I am quite fond of this unit and would really like to bring it back to its former glory. I really can't imagine I have broken any components as I was extremely careful when I disassembled and reassembled. I do have two screws left over from the failed attempt to change the belts so possibly problems are partly related to those, but I also suspect I have connected something incorrectly inside the box and also not paid any mind to torque of various screws.

Grateful for any assistance and will obviously pay the going rate.

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