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Vintage Amateur and Military Radio Amateur/military receivers and transmitters, morse, and any other related vintage comms equipment.

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Edward Huggins
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Default A Hi-Fi R1155 !!

As a youngster I used my father's ex RAF 1155 mains adapted 1155 for listening to 208 metres - and we all know why!. It had an added 6V6 power output stage driving a 6.5" 3 ohm speaker on a small baffle. Probably a typical set up at the time. Knowing what I know now, I would have done more with it. Especially to take a full advantage of its RF performance, with its sophisticated IF stages, and the potential to add variable selectivity. I wonder if any Members have ever used an 1155 driving a good mono Hi Fi amplifier e.g. Mullard 5-10 and with a proper speaker enclosure - and how this sounded? Possibly a bit OTT for Hams, but I bet someone has done it....
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Default Re: A Hi-Fi R1155 !!

My Grandfather had a home made "radio gram" in the lounge that incorporated an 1155 Receiver

Im pretty sure it was made by my uncle/his son-in-law

Many years ago now ~55

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Default Re: A Hi-Fi R1155 !!

I remember as a school CCF Army-cadet we did a reciprocal-visit to our brethren at RAF Shawbury.

They'd been home to a "maintenance and scrapping unit" for a few decades - dismantling Blenheims and Hurricanes - so it seemed totally appropriate that they had an 1155 tuned to Radio1 [247 Metres back then] feeding into a big rack-mounted audio amp and several seriously-large wooden-cased loudspeakers in the hangars/mess-hall/workshops.

Not HiFi as such but it _was_ loud!
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Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: A Hi-Fi R1155 !!

With the 6V6/6K6 output stage, you could get an excellent sound out of the AR88 and HRO sets at wide IF bandwidth and no need for added amplification, back in the days when broadcast transmissions were wider. The R1155 ought to be similarly decent driving an audio output stage.

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Default Re: A Hi-Fi R1155 !!

It reminds me of when my dad took me to NW Electrics in Great Ancoats St in Manchester (Fred, G3MAX) to chose my first proper receiver. I chose the biggest and most impressive one on display, an R107, which incidentally was the only one actually working, playing Radio 1 to the shop via its internal speaker, which would have sounded quite good with the IF selectivity set to "Wide".
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