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Vintage Computers Any vintage computer systems, calculators, video games etc., but with an emphasis on 1980s and earlier equipment.

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Default Microbot 'ARMBASIC' BASIC-extension cartridge / Robot-arm control Interface for TRS80

I recently dug this out, I acquired around 30yrs ago, and have been trying to find something about it - Its ARMBASIC rather pre-dates the later developed 'ARM' uP, but found it was actually for controlling a Robot-ARM (The Microbot MiniMover-5, it would seem).

From these articles, it seems it was for the TRS-80:
- With a selection of covers of this Robotics Age magazine here:
(A bit longer-lived than the UK's Practical Robotics, originally bought an issue of in 1984 in the era of the Ch4 Trundle 'robot' that Maplin magazine featured and was really just a maze-follower like the Hobby Electronics HEBOT(II) rather than the Tandy/ Radioshack robot arm (although a bit of a toy, as it lacked independent control of all axis)

But this one seems to indicate there was an Apple(soft) version:

And it seems someone may have updated the control of this Mini-Mover, with their own PIC-based board:

Attached are pictures of the board, and also a readout of the 'ARMBASIC' EPROM.

I wonder if anyone recalls this Interface or the Microbot MiniMover-5 ?
- I do recall various other, mainly simpler ones,
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Default Re: Microbot 'ARMBASIC' BASIC-extension cartridge / Robot-arm control Interface for T

very interesting thanks for posting
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