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Service Manuals, Circuit Diagrams and Data Sheets Wanted If you need help finding service data post a message here. Please do not request or offer data that is available from

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Default Re: Obtaining Service Data

Originally Posted by Chris55000 View Post

I have just sent an email to that Southampton chap that posted a huge list (text only) of service manuals, over many years with various domain names, including many T & M books, and unfortunately it seems he's not providing this service any more – this chap was the only known source of the Dynamco 72 Series Oscilloscope Dual/Delay 7202 TB Manual, his reply to my enquiry about this, a short while ago today, was that he's retired now and has no access to a photocopier!

If anybody did successfully obtain anything from him, I'd be interested to know how it went!

Why these people don't take down these totally useless lists of manuals, pages of dead links, etc., etc., when they no longer provide the service is one of my perrenial grumbles about online manual supply services!

I mentioned this, as people will still be pointed to that big list for a great many manuals for far too many things!

Chris Williams
I know which site you mean, tried to buy a manual from them in 2015, only to be told they could only offer to photocopy it with a knackered machine, I declined this and tried a couple more times to buy the original manual, but never got replies to those.

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Default Re: Obtaining Service Data


I asked him about buying the Dynamco Manual from him in answer to his (somewhat curt) answer to my initial enquiry, and like yourself Dave, I got no reply!

Chris Williams
It's an enigma, that's what it is! This thing's not fixed because it doesn't want to be fixed!
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