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Edward Huggins
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Default Re: Hi Newbie to Dansette Record Player.

Glad it's working out. Don't forget to fit that tone arm tensioning spring! WRT the broken knob, you can get very similar looking replacements online, but you might need to buy a matched pair.
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Default Re: Hi Newbie to Dansette Record Player.

Originally Posted by ElvisOnTour View Post
I thought I was winning until I put volume button back on which had a small metal tight clip which has now snapped the button off so I'm now looking a for a genuine replacement the plastic just crumbled so no super glue is going to work.
The knob should be able to be repaired if you wanted.
I have done this with epoxy putty. You can make own epoxy putty with slow setting epoxy glue thickened with Collodial Silica (West 406) to a soft putty.

Smear soft wax (from a waxy capacitor) over a longish spare metal D shaped volume control shaft (with a flat) and push the shaft into the remains of the hole in the knob.
Fill the inside of the knob with the epoxy putty and build it up around the shaft to mould a new collar, make it as thick as reasonable so it still goes into any recess in the cabinet.
When the epoxy has set you should be able to pull the knob of the shaft, if it is difficult, heat the shaft to melt the wax that you smeared on it.
Dont worry about the metal clip, the knob can be held on the record player shaft to stop it sliding off with more soft wax.

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Default Re: Hi Newbie to Dansette Record Player.

its well worth search ebay for the knobs and grille part, just type in dansette search, often see spare bits n bobs
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Default Re: Hi Newbie to Dansette Record Player.

Thanks crackle I found a smaller knob off an old mixer i had and after a remould orf the plastic I have managed to get the volume knob back on with some effort. Epoxy sounds like a better idea but as for now it will do until I can find some real replacements I dont really want to get copies as I think the colours wouldn't be a good match but will see how it goes and same for the grill. Im looking for parts all over the net and have managed to re- sit the tone arm spring but the tension does not seem that much but im not gonna try to adjust anything there as it plays fine. Its great to see this Record player come back to life and I have now found more items online radio etc of Dansette They are truly smashing...
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Default Re: Hi Newbie to Dansette Record Player.

If you don't adjust that spring correctly, you run the very great risk of ruining your records. As advised earlier, 5 grams is about right, but a stylus that tracks too light will do just as much damage as one that is too heavy.
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