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Old 5th Jul 2020, 3:26 pm   #41
Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: Too much weight- floor collapse?

After the surprise at 1900 vintage wooden houses and the 'what ships were you on?' comment I remember my surprise at seeing a group of bungalows along the North road from the crossroads in Kirkliston and a single one at the bottom of HP's drive (as was) by the station. They were of steel, riveted construction! The rivets clearly visible. They had been made from recycled ship's plates from the shipbreaking yard in St David's Bay.

I bet they could take a bit of load in the attics!

HP is now gone, subsumed in a modern housing estate that would have brought a smile to Malvina Reynold's face. And the bungalow gone too. The steel bungalows at Kirkliston now have bricks added around them to attenuate their strangeness or maybe to stop kids hitting them with hammers?

Can't afford the volcanic island yet, but the plans for my monorail and the goons' uniforms are done
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Default Re: Too much weight- floor collapse?

Well, you and I might be clueless about this poppydog. But it's going a bit far to say "anyone on here" will be. Uncle Bulgaria is an architect, after all, and clearly does know what he's talking about. Approaching builders at random, especially when they might have an interest in replacing your joists, might well put you in the predicament Basil Fawlty was with the lovely but useless Mr O'Riley .


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Old 5th Jul 2020, 4:04 pm   #43
David Simpson
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Default Re: Too much weight- floor collapse?

I agree with GJ & Uncle Bulgaria. Get your house checked out by a proper RIBA or RICS qualified person, if you are seriously worried about your house's structure.

UB hit the nail on the head in mentioning the quality of past & present timber. Another pun - at the top of the tree is Pitch Pine, then Yellow & Red Pine, sourced from North America or Scandinavia. Nowadays it's White Wood off-saw, probably full of shakes, but some CLS timber is OK.

Regards, David
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Station X
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Default Re: Too much weight- floor collapse?

Time to close this thread as it's become confrontational.
Graham. Forum Moderator

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