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Success Stories If you have successfully repaired or restored a piece of equipment, why not write up what you did and post details here. Particularly if it was interesting, unusual or challenging. PLEASE DO NOT POST REQUESTS FOR HELP HERE!

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Default Racal RA1772 (Ser 497) update

I hope this is posted in the right place.
A while ago the mains transformer burnt out. No luck with a replacement until a month or so ago after a chance remark on a qso on 80 led to a fellow amateur who had one for sale for at very reasonable price.

Installed it during the week and wired up yesterday and apart from an intermittent connection on the Mc/s switch all seems to be ok.

I thought I would connect the individual supplies one at a time disconnecting the DC in each case from the psu in case of any over voltages.
However, the lower voltage supplies rely on the 20V supply to be working to bring up the supplies in sequence. Trying the 20V supply on its own only produced about 6V. Apart from that due to the type of wiring any attempt to unsolder the wiring to the regulator board resulted in about 1/2" of the insulation melting.

In the end I just wired up all of the supplies apart from the 80V, not needed without RTTY, and I was somewhat relieved to find that the set burst into life rather than flames.

Also, thanks to a rewind by Ed, my BC342 is now essentially working but probably will benefit from a few out of tolerance resistor and leaky cap changes.
Don m5aky

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Default Re: Racal RA1772 (Ser 497) update

I think Tantalum caps cause trouble on this model.
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