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Old 11th Nov 2019, 11:23 pm   #1
bill knox
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Default Telephone curly leads


Not really a technical matter, but I have just watched a film on TV where they were using a telephone with a curly lead, this was a war film supposedly during 1943 and I was wondering when curly leads were introduced.

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Default Re: Telephone curly leads

The first one came to Norway around 1930-1932, and we are usually not early. (e.g. the touch tone phone became std. in 1982)

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Default Re: Telephone curly leads

I once asked the same question. A few years ago there was a supposedly genuine film of an 'alien autopsy' doing the rounds. It showed some 'surgeons' in white coats and masks investigating the dead body of 0ne of those 'grey' aliens with the big eyes. On the wall of the operating theatre was a phone with a curly wire and it just seemed wrong to me. The film was allegedly made in the late 40's.
The other giveaway was the 'film grain', which looked more like added electronic noise.
The film did indeed turn out to be fake. Surprise...
Andy G1HBE.
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Default Re: Telephone curly leads

Curly-cords were certainly in use on US military equipment during WWII - I remember having just such a cord on a new, bagged, unissued carbon fist-microphone (oval diecast case about the size of a bar of soap, with a PTT button on the top) I bought from one of the surplus-stores in the 60s. I gather that this microphone was part of some sort of loudhailer/PA system on ships.
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Default Re: Telephone curly leads

I have a 1950s telephone with a curly lead but it appears to be a tight cotton braid with a single strand of elasticated material running along side it: not the shiny plastic as on 700 series instruments and onwards.

Russell W. B.
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