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Vintage Radio (domestic) Domestic vintage radio (wireless) receivers only.

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Default Re: Roberts P5A 1946

Originally Posted by Paul_RK View Post
I think there's a photo of one in the Roberts company history book they published some time back, but in the meantime here's one forum member Stewart Clark kindly provided to the Roberts Radio Group: it's there along with many pictures of the early portables. I've seen C6 and AC6 as model numbers, I don't know which would be right for this set.

I don't have an MR either, though I've seen a few offered over the years. Valves are ECH81, EBF80, ECL80, EZ80, I'd expect it to be a creditable little radio.

Thats a lovely design on the Speaker Grill , a Genie lamp?
Oh I've had that for years dear!!
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Default Re: Roberts P5A 1946

Yes, many companies chose a specific symbol to use on fretwork speaker grilles, decals etc.. and kept to it for a while - Pye's "rising sun" etc. - and Roberts adopted the Aladdin's lamp. They used it too on the speaker fret of their early suitcase portables, there are a few of those around. Its last appearance as far as I know was on a little octagonal enamel badge inside the lid of some of the first sets in the general style of the P5A, then the long oval Roberts Radio enamel badge replaced it there.

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