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Default Cats-

Seems strange to recount the story of a cat in need on a technology site Me- I'm a dog person, BUT I love and will rescue any animal.
lONG STORY /SHORT. Little Barny ( spitting image of the cat in the Felix AD), was left behind by my GD( granddaughter, to save problems), in her flat. Did she leave/was she pushed-other solutions are available, but the end result was that in her ex-flat were two cats that were about to be evicted. One was a neutered older Tom. who was a lovely cat and was taken in by a neighbour.
Barney is IMHO a young cat/kitten and did not take well to the contractors who were in flat, and was a problem. I got him boxed after he'd decided my fingers were chew sticks and we took him home. RSPA - not interested, as they seemed more interested in why the cat was homeless than caring for the cat. Cat rescue- they were full, thanks to RSPCA passing off rescued cats to them.
So I was left with an agonising decision. Leave cat in the box, covered with the blanket on the rear of my car, or try to give him a bed etc & shelter in the rear garden. No ways could I risk Barny meeting my docile Cairn( Shona, a sweet Cairn), in fear that he'd rip her to bits, as she is a gentle ex puppy farm dog.
I let him out, and he ran for shelter. Next, I found a box and insulate it from the ground, put the blanket in it, and to weatherproof it, covered it with an upturned wheelbarrow. In the morning, Barny was found in the box and responded to cat food and milk. Daughter now has a cat, as she decided to rehome it, and tomorrow- I feel almost sorry for Barny, despite the mauling he gave my fingers- he's going to lose his bits.
Question is -how much poo/wee does she remove from litter try to make it somewhere Barny will return to ?
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Default Re: Cats-

Remove the poo daily, leave other a couple of days if the smell is not bad.

Don't wipe out tray after disposing of litter until cat is conditioned to use the tray.

Took our kitten three days to work it out.
Terry VK5TM
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Default Re: Cats-

Recommendation - use the pressed-sawdust type cat litter too. It's the most absorbent and forgiving of smells.
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Old 13th Mar 2018, 9:16 am   #4
Dai Corner
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Default Re: Cats-

Put the litter tray in a private location, and away from the cat's food. We don't eat in the loo and cats don't like to either.

Lots of advice on this and other aspects of cat care here.

By the way, don't give them cow's milk as they are allergic to it. Specially formulated milk is available but water is best in my opinion.
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Default Re: Cats-

Originally Posted by Dai Corner View Post
By the way, don't give them cow's milk as they are allergic to it. Specially formulated milk is available but water is best in my opinion.
Only fresh water. Cats are lactose intolerant (although they do seem to like liking cream for some reason) and probably a small amount won't hurt. Yes you can buy special 'cat milk' which is OK if you are rearing a kitten who's lost it's mother (My wife did's like feeding a baby every two hours....) but it can be expensive.

A mix of dry food and wet food with a bowl of fresh water (they'll drink clean rainwater as well) and you'll have a happy cat!
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Default Re: Cats-

The wood based cat litter recommended earlier also has the merit that the used litter may be composted or buried in the garden rather than adding to landfill.
With care it may also be burnt in a multifuel stove.
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