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Default Re: Oh for a time machine.

On the time machine thing, I was recently given this very cool T shirt that was designed by my daughter.
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Default Re: Oh for a time machine.

I was think more in terms of this equipment being new and un-molested rather than its price

Penciled in is a date of 18/10/47 so this stuff really was pretty fresh then.

I think rather than comparing it to the price of beer it's more helpfull to compare it to the cost of new domestic radios etc.

A Cossor 469 which is a simple 4 valve all dry portable ( and possibly the ugliest set ever made by a major manufacturer) was release in October 1947 at a cost of 13-15s-0d + Purchase Tax which I think was still at 33 1/3%

Still as already said not pocket money prices but for the serious amatuer a real bonanza

To be fair in the Mid 60's when I started my interest, when I bopped an AC126 from my Philips Electronic Engineer ISTR a replacement was about 15/- so 6 weeks pocket money
There was a friendly Radio and TV repair shop at the top of Tregenna Hill St Ives, It was on my way between School and the Bus station. The names have long since faded from my memory but I got a lot of my parts there and occasionally I would be gifted a Radio or TV chassis to play with which I would drag home on the bus


Mike T
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Default Re: Oh for a time machine.

I hope this is not too tangential - but the flyer in the OP is full of skilfully and what I would guess to be expensively executed art - drawings of the things for sale, which must have been undertaken just for the ad. It reminds me that my books as a kid were full of drawings, and a reproduced photo ('plate'!) was a bit of a treat - and I am not that old, under 50. Was there something about the binary 'line / not-line' nature of that kind of drawing which lent itself more cheaply to the printing process, as opposed to a greyscale photograph? I do remember photos used to freak out a photocopier, only 30 years ago.
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