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Default Re: Replacing "micamold" caps in oscillator section

Will you crack open the low value Micamold capacitors to see if they are paper?

Alternatively you could test them for leakage at 250V DC.
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Alan Bain
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Default Re: Replacing "micamold" caps in oscillator section

Well I put them on a capacitance bridge (low voltage AC at 1kc/s) set to read ideal capacitance with parallel resistance

520pF read 535.9pF || 120M
1500pF read 1571pF || 10M
2700pF read 2943pF || 8M
2700pF read 2700pF || 12M
3000pF read 2990pF || 7M
3000pF read 3033pF || 84M
3900pF read 4117pF || 1.5M

The capacitance values are remarkably accurate, but the 3900pF is starting to look a bit suspect but the 520pF may well be mica.

Probably worth checking leakage at HT, clearly need a better bench PSU, but somewhere I do have an HT supply and yes I'm tempted to open the 3900pF one to see what I find.

A randomly chosen one of the "special" decoupling caps we all know is quite different
4700pF read 19nF || 20K (umm we know all about these....)
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Default Re: Replacing "micamold" caps in oscillator section

The Micamold capacitors are all to be suspect. I had a nightmare situation with them.
I was restoring a Magnavox B&W TV set and had H osc problems,
The shop had a box of NOS Micamolds and I tested them with an LC53 Sencore unit, a military capacitor tester, an eye type tester and a digital tester. They all tested perfect. I replaced the ones in the circuit with them and it still wouldn't work. Replacing them with new epoxy coated silver micas solved the problem. The other tech had the same situation with an RCA TV tuner, Caps tested perfect, but the Micamolds were punk.
IIRC, the Micamolds were all paper mica.
Since then, if a set has Micamolds in it they are replaced.
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