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dave walsh
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Default John Logie Baird a Life by A Kamn

This 2002 book [co-authored by JLB's son Malcolm] was offered on the Forum recently and quickly snapped up. I was a little disappointed as I'd never come across it before [somehow ]. However, I found a HB copy of this large but very readable volume on Amazon for the same low cost. It looks as though the title was remaindered quite quickly back then [surprisingly perhaps but it was 25!] and there still seems to be others available. I've found it really fascinating and well written/illustrated, which is why I've flagged it up for anyone else who wasn't aware!

Dave W

PS. See my comment about the grandson Iain Baird on the "Bradford Museum Exhibition Changes" "thread in this section [post 23*]

Bratford" as locals may still say?

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Default Re: John Logie Baird a Life by A Kamn

I bought it some years ago and I agree that it is interesting and well written.

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Default Re: John Logie Baird a Life by A Kamn

I remember buying this when it came out as I've been quite fascinated by JLB since my dad attempted to explain mechanical TV to me when I was too young to really understand it.

This has the authenticity of being co-authored by Malcolm Baird, and lacks the probable exaggerating of the truth found in such tomes as Vision Warrior. While it's fun to imagine what JLB might have got up to in secret, and while we do know some of his wartime work is still classified, chances are it's not earth-shattering. It's probably good to read both books - I note that Malcolm has reviewed both on Amazon and seems to accept the possibility that his father was up to stuff that even he never knew about.

This is probably the best book there will ever be on JLB, and most factual.
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