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Vintage Computers Any vintage computer systems, calculators, video games etc., but with an emphasis on 1980s and earlier equipment.

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Default Re: Can anyone read the old CF2 discs ?

Forums like this are wonderful things, but I HATE it when something interesting is left hanging in the air, so I'll take the liberty of closing this one.

I subsequently received two CF2 disks, which I checked on my PCW. One read perfectly, no problem. The other would not. I tried reading the problem one with various pieces of software, incl DU which tries to access tracks/sectors directly. No go. I studies the disk and noted that side A was marked B (as well as some text referring to files), and the other side (B) was marked 'DO NOT USE THIS SIDE'. I decided that the most logical explanation was that the disk, although technically a CF2 as described, had actually been formatted as a CF2DD for use in drive B of a PCW 8512. This is certainly possible, I understand that the two types come off the same production line, just that some disks are tested for use as CF2DD and if OK are labelled and sold as such. Other disks that leave the factory as CF2 may still work as CF2DD, they are merely NOT tested/certified to do so.

Anyway, using LocoScript I copied the various documents to Page Image versions (plain text, but retaining most of the formatting), subsequently transferred the files from PCW disk to PC disk, and have now returned zip files of all the files to their righful owner. Disks to be posted tomorrow.

Regarding the other disk, I have suggested that that one be sent to LuxSoft in Par, Cornwall, as I know they can handle the CF2DD format still, as I've used their service to extract data from some 9512 disks last year. Any disks sent to them must be with a submission form, which can be downloaded from their web site.


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