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Old 5th May 2023, 9:49 pm   #1
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Default Danish radio shop recreated

A link to this site was posted on Facebook by kim-christensen . (Vintage Electronic Test Equipment). I hope my using the link is acceptable, but I am sure will be of interest here. In 2008 the shop has existed for 50 years. By a fortunate chance detailed photographs were taken a month before the owner died, and the shop closed. However, the contents were saved and the shop recreated at a local technical college.
I am struck by the incredible neatness and use of every inch of space. Wonderful that much has been saved.
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Old 6th May 2023, 12:13 am   #2
Radio Wrangler
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

Stig has a superb range of stuff. It's a nice website to get lost in for an hour or so, with text and captions in both Danish and English.

Good find!

Can't afford the volcanic island yet, but the plans for my monorail and the goons' uniforms are done
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

What strikes me most is how clean everything looks compared with this country.

And just imagine, one's very own ward leonard generator set in the cellar.
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Old 6th May 2023, 10:59 am   #4
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

Very fascinating - thanks for posting. Also on that page is a link to the radio museum which is open to the public (currently only one day a week) :

The site is in Danish but if you select "Rundt i museet" from the menu on the left, you can see some more nice pictures of the museum and its contents. The old shop has been lovingly re-created, including the tin of Slipol wax polish hanging on the back of the swivel chair, so that it gets regularly shaken every time the chair moves.

Almost every town in England seemed to have a radio and electrical shop like that back in the day, complete with boxes of valves, all sorts of components, batteries, unusual light bulbs and heating elements for kettles, toasters and fires. They always had what you needed, or could get it for you.

One particular shop has stayed in my mind since the late 1980s when I first encountered it. It was located at 9 Muller Road, Bristol. The name escapes me now - the shop sign said Radio and Cycles. The elderly owner was still alive then and lived behind the shop, which had belonged to his father. However, the shop had practically ceased trading by the time I discovered it. The owner told me that a serious illness had affected his eyesight and he was no longer able to do any business. Inside the shop, there were a number of 405 and dual-standard televisions - all obsolete by then, old radios, valves, batteries, bicycles and parts. It was almost like a museum, frozen in time from when the owner stopped trading.

Eventually one day I passed by the shop. There was a sign saying "To be sold by Auction". I guess the owner had finally passed away. The vintage contents of the shop simply vanished - I never knew what happened to it all. The shop later became a gents' hairdressers. Like so many other such shops, it had disappeared without trace. It's nice that the look and feel of a few of these places has been preserved in a museum for future generations to experience.
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Old 6th May 2023, 11:03 am   #5
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

What an astonishing mixture of stuff.
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ex 2 Base
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

Many thank greenstar really enjoyed that, how many folk know what a Ward Leonard generator set is, a thing of the passed now. Ted
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Old 6th May 2023, 6:06 pm   #7
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

I only found this due to kim christensen's posting it on facebook, so my thanks to him. Finding foreign websites is a challenge and a puzzle, even using translated search terms.
I wonder what he used the van de graaf generator for?!
I have dreams about finding an old radio shop, preserved in ruins like Pompei.
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Old 6th May 2023, 8:04 pm   #8
dave walsh
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Default Re: Danish radio shop recreated

Yes very tidy as well Paul [p5*]. He looks like he was a great bloke-"beer or soda?." The guys who ran the Radio/TV repair shop in Rammy were great but you didn't get a free drink. The house/business is a curiosity in itself with triangular rooms, created by the corner of the building having been sheared off and "peep holes" everywhere. The explanation is that the trams lines were laid in the centre of roads for economy during the 30's depression and it was cheaper to trim the buildings. In Bury Tram lines went along the roads in the Victorian/Edwardian era for convenience and the same with the former Railway Line to Manchester and the roads there, to build the Metro System. It would be interesting to visit the shop, now recreated in a local College. My former wife is married to a Dane and they live on Bornholm Island, so it might be possible for her and husband to visit. It would be a focal point for me as well.

Dave W

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