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Cabinet and Chassis Restoration and Refinishing For help with cabinet or chassis restoration (non-electrical), please leave a message here.

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Default Re: Black Box Cabinet

I wouldn't relish stripping the rest of the cabinet either. I like oiled finishes but if only the top is treated in this way there will be a marked contrast between it and the unstripped high gloss surfaces. It might be better to think in terms of staining the top and spraying with clear acrylic lacquer. To achieve a gloss surface this would require repeated rubbing down and respraying. Time consuming because of the need for each coat of acrylic to harden thoroughly between rubbing down. Fench polishing is another option of course but one I wouldn't consider in this instance.

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Default Re: Black Box Cabinet

Thank you for your replies, if I could point you to another thread I opened “Danish Oil v Tru Oil” . In the replies David completely stripped a BB cabinet and used Danish Oil with outstanding results, well worth a visit, it put my small effort to shame.
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