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Member Introductions and News A place where members can introduce themselves and post occasional news about themselves.

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Old 10th Sep 2019, 3:18 am   #61
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Default Re: Pets

We're rat fans, they're such intelligent and affectionate little creatures, and very easy to keep. But the lifespan of a pet rat is so short it's put a damper on getting another one. We've never had rat get to its third birthday.
The Waves That Rule Britannia
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Default Re: Pets

Originally Posted by usradcoll1 View Post
Originally Posted by Lancs Lad View Post
You are all used to seeing Bluebell as my avatar (pic1)

Now here's the rest of the family. Megan and TommySilver (pic2) And all three together (Pic3)

Tabitha (their Mother) on my shoulder (Pic4) It's her favourite place when she's showing those three young upstarts who exactly is in charge around here.

Bluebell, Megan and Tommy are two sisters and their brother, born 20th September 2017. Tabitha is their devoted (sometimes!) Mum!

And yes, I admit it, I am in thrall to them - they rule my life!
The cat on your shoulder looks similar to the little tiger striped mail kitty I adopted a few months ago. When I went to the ASPCA shelter and met him, the lady that was showing him couldn't believe how he took to me.
I should've read my entry before submitting, mail kitten
Anyway, my little male kitten is doing great. I named him after my late father, Matthew or Matty. My father disliked cats, so it's a good name.
Dave, USradcoll1.
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Lancs Lad
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Default Re: Pets

Hi Dave.

I'm so glad your male kitten is well and happy.

Your 'mail kitty' typo made me smile! My big boy, TommySilver, is something of a mail cat himself. Often, when the post (favoured British word for mail!) comes through the front door letterbox (we don't have many separate outdoor mailboxes over here) he will pick it up and take it elsewhere!

I have found letters all over the house on many occasions! His favourite place to put them is usually on the stairs, for some reason best known only to himself, but, honestly, they can turn up anywhere!

All three of them seem to love carrying things around though. I've had cats all my life, and have never come across this foible before. Strange, really, because their Mother doesn't do it at all, and never has.

Any chance of a picture of your beautiful cats, please, Dave? Pictures are always good!
Best Regards,


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Default Re: Pets

Our Katie loves tearing up paper, we often find bits missing from bills, even the cost once, still came out of the bank though.
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Cats have staff, it's dogs that have owners.
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Default Re: Pets

As I said ( and a lot of folks we meet in the park, with rescues tell us) a pet will choose you. We got Lexi from the RSPCA ( UK version of yours) and the staff commented on how Lexi took to us. Other folks had shown interest, but Lexi was not sure.
She spotted us walking past her cage and responded. We asked to meet her and after five minutes she jumped on Swimbo's knee and then mine and searched my treat pocket.
Second visit she made us more aware of her feelings, and third visit she came home.
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Default Re: Pets

I've always been a Dog-person: hence a succession of elderly rescue Labradors, a totally-loony Jack Russell [who came along with me on numerous electronics-proving-flights in a BAe-146] and my current canine companion, a 120-pound Rottweiler, who I have yet to train to accept an Airlite-62 headset.

I have also given houseroom to quite a few rescued Tortoises over the years before passing them on to new homes.

Tortoises are fascinating: they're generally slow, mindful creatures but can move decisively-fast when the need arises!
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Default Re: Pets

G6- I spent some time in Zimbabwe and at one time my daughters had two Tortoises. I'd rescued both from cattle grids on side roads. Definitely mindful- they had only one thing in mind- escape, so we left them on the lawn and said goodbye- enjoy freedom.
But, Lexi is my first JRT cross ( possibly with a yorky), and any prey is there to chase. But I wonder about her history( aka baggage) as she's always looking to return ,with/without a shout.
I'm a terrier bloke, but I've always had a fascination with Rotties, as I find them loving gentle giants.

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