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Tom williams
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Default Does anyone have the service manual for a Technics SA-X900L?

Hi there,
I was just wondering if anyone out there has the service manual to my hifi as I am interested to see what's inside, if you do have access to it, please send it to me as a PDF via private message.


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Diabolical Artificer
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Default Re: Does anyone have the service manual to a technics SA-X900L?

No but hifiengine has a X800L - which will probably be not too disimilar, a lot of these late Technics "hifi's" had amp chips in them and were pretty simple.

Curiosity hasn't killed this far.
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Default Re: Does anyone have the service manual for a Technics SA-X900L?

If the memory of when I opened mine is correct then it's primarily of single board construction with the main PCB in the centre going from front to back. In addition to that there are at least 2 boards on the front each for the radio and the dual cassette decks, the amplifier controls being attached to the main PCB (hence the central location of the main PCB.
The amplifiers are STK modules (again if my memories are correct).

Best thing really would be to take the top off and have a careful look inside, as most of it should be easily visible esp. as I believe the main board has a single sided load and there is nothing (apart from the amplifier heatsink) covering the main board.

Lastly, for what it is it's actually rather nice sounding, and to my eyes very aesthetically pleasing (looks very sleek), esp. when matched with the correct turntable and CD player.
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