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Vintage Test Gear and Workshop Equipment For discussions about vintage test gear and workshop equipment such as coil winders.

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Default Re: Availability of Leaded Solder?

Savbit was designed to prolong the life of unplated copper bits which are rare these days. I don't think it has any relevance for modern plated tips and in my experience the low tin content makes it poor for general work.
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The Philpott
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Default Re: Availability of Leaded Solder?

As has been said, Rapid (with whom I have no affiliation) have significant stocks of rosin cored 60/40, if one wished to save a few quid compared to 500g reels they have 18SWG in 2 kilo 'doorstop' reels. Next day delivery.
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Default Re: Availability of Leaded Solder?

I think they need to get a grip on a lot of this legislation and restriction of stuff, as regards personal health issues, yes there are some substances where even a small dose can be harmful, but with a lot of stuff the average domestic user would never come near the exposure limit in a lifetime, whereas someone working in industry may, potentially reach those levels in a matter of weeks.
I don't know if any of you remember the thing with mineral oil some years ago, they found that a lot of men, usually mechanics or fitters, were developing testicular cancer and jumped all over the fact that the one thing they all had in common was they used mineral oils in the course of their work. It was some time before someone spotted the other link, and it was actually this one that was the cause of the problem. Back then, almost every mechanic and fitter, carried an oily rag in the pants pocket of their overalls, it was, to them, no different to the electrician who always had a neon screwdriver in his top pocket.Unfortunately this oily rag, whilst it may have been as important to them as the screwdriver was to the electrician, also meant that there was a transfer of oil, from the rag to the clothing, and thence to the skin in the area of the scrotum, in effect the constant carrying of this oily rag meant they were basically bathing their scrotums in mineral oil Which if you look at it from a logical point of view is something like this, if you choose not to effectively bathe your dangly bits in mineral oil, then how safe is it? After all, look at rat poison, it's perfectly safe handling the stuff, it's when you start eating it that it all goes wrong!
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Default Re: Availability of Leaded Solder?

CPC have plenty in various gauges. I added a spool of 0.5mm ersin cored 60/40 to my order 2 weeks ago as I didn't have any that small. The "Multicore" logo no longer appears on the label.
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