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Default Reel to Reel recorder


I'm posting this in the hope that one of you nice guys can point me in the direction of somewhere I can buy a second-hand reel to reel tape recorder in North East London or Essex, but particulalry in the Barking, Ilford, Romford or Wanstead area if possible?

It needs to be able to handle large spools (7inch?) and not be too expensive, as it's to be used to play some old tapes and not for new recording.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Hello Harry, We are all nice guys on here !!!!!!! Can't help with buying a reel to reel recorder locally to you. But before buying a machine you will need to know at what speeds and whether two track or four track your old tapes where recorded. Sometimes helps if you have an idea of the original recorder and model number as this will be a help in determining a suggestion. If you do buy a recorder locally take a tape with you and try it. The fact that it lights up and spools turn doesnt mean it works OK. I actually saw three different recorders for sale at the local Boot sale on Monday ,All of which looked immaculate and each was about 10. But you take a chance...I'm sure someone locally to you can help .Good Luck, Reelguy
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Default Re: Reel to Reel recorder


I am currently taking a business venture in selling reel to reels and have a few domestic recorders you may be interested in, Most of the machines take 7 inch, I have a lovely Philips which takes 7 inch, 4 speeds (7.1/2, 3.3/4, 1.7/8 and 15/16) also its a 4 track recorder so it would cover everything you should need. If your interested I will sell it for 25 and that includes the postage, the machine is a EL3549. if your interested let me know and I can supply pictures, the recorder is working and was tested no so long ago and will be tested before shipping.

Vintage recorder collector
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Default Re: Reel to Reel recorder

Just a word of caution: if you do take a tape to try out on a prospective machine, don't take your "best" one. There is a risk that the machine could be faulty and will stretch, crumple or erase the tape. Take a test tape that is your "least irreplaceable" tape.

And have a close look at the tapes to see if they're labelled with a speed (3 3/4, 7 1/2 ips?) and/or a track format (2-track or half-track, 4-track or quarter-track?). If they're in boxes, it may be on the box.
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