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Cabinet and Chassis Restoration and Refinishing For help with cabinet or chassis restoration (non-electrical), please leave a message here.

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Default Cossor Melody Maker 501U

I have just restored a Cossor melody maker 501U. but sadly had an accident with it and broke the bakelite case. There is a Cossor 501AC on eBay that looks in good condition, would the cabinet be the same. Many thanks.
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Default Re: Cossor Melody Maker 501U

Hi. I am not sure if the case will be the same (I suspect so, but greater minds than mine will be along to tell us) - but if it turns out that it is, I have such a case here which you are welcome to for just the cost of postage. Posted alone without a chassis in it, with plenty of packing, it has a reasonable chance of arriving OK. Bakelite on these varies from a 'normal' dark brown to a lighter, patterned finish - mine is one of the latter.

Note - the gold trim around the speaker / dial glass is missing in mine, because they often shrink and crack. If yours is OK, for goodness sake don't throw it away with the rest of the broken case!
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David G4EBT
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Default Re: Cossor Melody Maker 501U

Looking at the service data for the two versions of the 501, I think you can be pretty sure that the cabinets are identical, with only the back panels differing between the 501AC and 501U. Cossor stated that the '500', which had a wooden cabinet, had an identical chassis to the 501AC. Given the cost of tooling for Bakelite cabinets, it seems inconceivable that they'd differentiate between the AC and AC/DC versions.

It might not be appreciated by today's generation, but back in the 50s, Bakelite didn't have the 'cachet' that it has today. It was looked upon as 'cheap and plasticky' and those who could afford it tended to opt for wooden cabinets.

What a kind offer from mark_in_manc.
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