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Old 19th May 2017, 1:04 pm   #41
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Default Re: GEC BRT402D Receiver.

Of Ed Dinning can rewind subject to cost I guess.
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Default Re: GEC BRT402D Receiver.


Could you use an AR88 transformer 330 - 0 - 330 / 5V 2A / 6.4v 4A with or without mods.

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Old 19th May 2017, 2:48 pm   #43
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Default Re: GEC BRT402D Receiver.

An ideal opportunity to knock up a more conventional PSU, the only downside being that you won't be able to boil a kettle on it.

73, Colin.

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Default Re: GEC BRT402D Receiver.

The original 6.3V heaters need about 5 Amps in the original circuit. More current is needed for the bulbs.

If you remove the voltage smoothing valve V12 (the K81) and fit LED panel lights you may reduce the heater current to 4 Amps.

The original HT current was about 167mA. If you remove the smoothing valve and the S130 stabiliser valve you will reduce the HT current by about 67mA.

By using the options of choke input filter, solid state rectifier and regulators (250V and 120V) and running bulbs off the 5V rectifier heater winding, it would allow some flexibility in the type of transformer you could use.
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