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Default FT1000MP - not turned on for 20 years?

Hi - I am a Olde Ham K4ZOT from Atlanta, GA, USA. I am about to be given a FT1000MP by a nearby very accomplished Ham who bought it new. I have run Kenwood equipment for over 30 years. My question is probably premature until I actually receive the radio. But, if this radio has not been turned on in 20 years what issues may I have with it? Perhaps some owners of the FT1000 series may have some answers that could be helpful to me. I intend to just plug it up and turn it on and see what happens?

Unfortunately, these radio are very expensive to repair in the states and shipping this heavy radio is also very expensive. In addition, due to their complexity few repair people want to try and repair them. I shutter to just think about taking it apart - a big job.

Thanks for any advice. Great forum you all have here.


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Default Re: FT1000MP - not turned on for 20 years?

Welcome Glenn, if it is not a switch mode power supply, try running up slowly on a Variac or lamp limiter.
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Default Re: FT1000MP - not turned on for 20 years?

I think it's a switcher, but the rig also has a 13.8v input.

Notice that the spec says it can handle the 110/120v world, and also the higher voltage world BUT unusually the higher voltage range only goes up to 235v and not 240v nevermind the tolerance on 240v.

There are plenty of FT1000MPs in the UK. There have been 5 different marks of the set. I've known a couple of people with them, but with no problems or weaknesses showing up.

Maybe the greatest risk is any X2 grade RFI filter capacitor across the mains turning itself into smelly smoke.

And welcone, Glenn

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Default Re: FT1000MP - not turned on for 20 years?

Hi it has a switch mode psu, they do not like low input voltage, the output is 13.5v hope this helps Mick
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Default Re: FT1000MP - not turned on for 20 years?

I have the FT-1000MP, and it's more reliable than the Mk5 field variant.

These do have an internal switch mode PSU in addition to the option of attaching a 13.8VDC PSU, and the internal switch mode supply has been reliable for me.

One thing you'll probably witness, as do many FT-1000MP owners, is that if the rig is unused for a while - the display will take a good few seconds to light up. If the rig is used on a daily basis, I don't have this problem.

Other than the common display lighting delay issue, mine has been very reliable, and the RX audio reproduction from these is second to none.
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