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Homebrew Equipment A place to show, design and discuss the weird and wonderful electronic creations from the hands of individual members.

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astral highway
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Default Re: Bach with sparks!

Originally Posted by Viewmaster View Post
The China one will have a spherical top load running between my others with their toroids. Look a bit like Brighton Pavilion !
That's a nice image, Albert!
How's your new project coming on, Al? Is it making interesting sparks?
No change since last time - I haven't done any work on it whatsoever with other priorities / heavy responsibilities on me for quite a while.

Also for the time being, very limited capacity to find a work space that can be left in situ- I don't have that here. A lovely local co-creative venue called 'HackSpace' where I used to do machining and metalwork closed down as the lease expired and rents increased.

But I'm hoping to get started once autumn/ winter set in and - bearing in mind my physical limitations too -I will post if and when I'm satisfied that I've fulfilled the standards I originally set. Otherwise I'll keep quiet until I have.

It's quite a nice coincidence, as I think the forum can really only give space to one project of this rather extreme kind at a time! So no great hurry here
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