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Default Post Office Telephone Manager (E/Radio).

Clause 1 (a) (iii) of my original Amateur (Sound) Licence A
demanded that:

"At least 7 days before the Station is established at
the alternative premises notice in writing is given to the General
Post Office Telephone Manager (E/Radio) for the area in which the
alternative premises are situate of the postal address of the
alternative premises".

Although I had never to write such a letter to one of these curiously titled individuals, I've always wondered what other duties they had, and how, without detailed knowledge of the organisational structure of the GPO, how I would know where to address it.
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Default Re: Post Office Telephone Manager (E/Radio).

In the days of Post Office Telephones the country was divided into Telephone Areas such as "Norwich Telephone Area", "Cambridge Telephone Area etc. Each Telephone area was run by a civil servant called a "Telephone Manager".

The E /Radio (Engineering Radio) department was responsible for investigating radio interfence, so when your notification arrived at the "Telephone Manager's Office" (TMO) the post room would forward it to that department.
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