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Default Re: How to create a PDF from multiple JPEGs?

Originally Posted by Maarten View Post
The pictures show obvious jpeg artefacts and some detail is likely lost, but the text is readable without too much trouble. Not archival quality but gets across the message just fine.
It's really a case of "needs must". I don't use the MRC compression facility in PDF Pro unless I really have to, e.g. for attachments to this forum. For my own purposes I scan to .png (or .jpeg for pictures with no or minimal text), then tidy up the individual documents before creating the uncompressed .pdf. If needs be, the individual documents can be size-reduced before .pdf creation. E.g., often text-only .png scans are just fine with conversion to black-and-white, which reduces their size immesnsely.

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Default Re: How to create a PDF from multiple JPEGs?

To get pdf file size down to forum limits, when scanning items that do not contain continuous tone images, I select the "text/line art"option on my scanner menu. To adjust the size of continuous tone images I use the Microsoft photoed program that came with my windows 98 pc but runs happily on XP. File size can be adjusted in 1% increments. Futher adjustment in novapdf is possible via the dpi resolution setting.
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