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Clubs, Groups and Societies For discussions about various clubs, groups and societies relating to our hobbies, such as the BVWS (incl NVCF), BATC, RSGB, APTS, CLPGS, THG, TCC etc. This is NOT an official forum for any of these organisations.

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Old 12th Dec 2018, 12:13 pm   #41
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Default Re: Royal Wootton Bassett Sun 9th Dec!

It was cheap Simon at 4500 even though way beyond me.
G8JET BVWS Member and V.M.A.R.S
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Default Re: Royal Wootton Bassett Sun 9th Dec!

I was very tempted by the prewar set but no way to get it back to Brum.

In the end I settled for two tellies. A Marconi VT50A with very good cabinet and very clean inside for just 100 drinking vouchers (caused me a bit of a panic later in the auction when it suddenly for no reason at all entered my head that maybe I had mis-heard the price). Plus a GEC 1091B, again on the cheap side. I did bid on, but didn't get, a very nice c1960 GEC which, combined with several previous auction results, does seem to imply that interest in 40's sets is on the decline and 60's sets on the up.

All in all, a most enjoyable day. And thanks to Chris for the donation of a TV-related techie book, much appreciated.

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Old 17th Dec 2018, 9:16 pm   #43
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Default Re: Royal Wootton Bassett Sun 9th Dec!

It was an enjoyable day and the weather held. Nice to meet up with various forum members. I bought an enormous Ferranti clamp meter from the B+B stall which has already seen service at work!!

I didn’t get too much in the auction though I got the Tefifon radio player which is in excellent order and have had it playing Tefi cartridges over the last weekend. The sound quality is amazing for something 60 years old. I managed to get some cartridges for a previous Tefifon player from a chap in Germany which then did 2 Laps around Europe getting lost before being delivered in Rugby! Hopefully some pictures soon!

I also got the TMB272 mains/battery 405 line telly which came with the battery leads. I now have a power supply capable of running it on 12V DC to see what would happen!!

I also got 2 pre-war Murphy radios for 5 that no one wanted. A shame these sets are a bit unwanted and go fo so little nowadays.

Christopher Capener
A proper radio is one that needs to be moved with a wheelbarrow !!
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Old 18th Dec 2018, 10:41 am   #44
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Default Re: Royal Wootton Bassett Sun 9th Dec!

First Class event as always, many thanks to all those involved. Very busy for the first hour after the doors opened, good to see old friends. Auction prices were high, tried a few items but kept getting out bid. Made off with a Tannoy carbon mic for WS19 along with a Clarke & Smith carbon mic both with military headphones from a nearby stall so did not go away empty handed. Weather was fine all day so no travel worries.
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Default Re: Royal Wootton Bassett Sun 9th Dec!

Going through the box of assorted radio books I acquired I was intrigued to find an interesting signature and date on the flyleaf of a copy of vol II of the Admiralty Handbook Of Wireless Telegraphy:

O S Puckle

no less.
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Default Re: Royal Wootton Bassett Sun 9th Dec!

O S Puckle

He of early TV time bases and Engineer at Cossor.

That's a great find.


Mike T
Don't care if it was a bargain why's it in my kitchen
Mike T BVWS member.
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