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Clubs, Groups and Societies For discussions about various clubs, groups and societies relating to our hobbies, such as the BVWS (incl NVCF), BATC, RSGB, APTS, CLPGS, THG, TCC etc. This is NOT an official forum for any of these organisations.

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Default Re: Changing the BVWS

Jac - fully agree.
Leave me alone - I know what I'm doing.

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Default Re: Changing the BVWS

As others have suggested, a name change won't help.

As a constructive idea, a website 'refresh' will make the browsing experience more engaging, it needs to sell itself. Since we're talking vintage technology, add a vintage feel to the site with a touch of classy elegance. How often have we been in old buildings & on the inside, wow!

The younger generation (the ones currently at school) and their parents, in general, are unaware anything can be repaired.

Add to this, college/uni-grads still living with parents frantically climbing the career ladder for a deposit for an 'affordable' home, meanwhile, grandad's pre-war set still resides in the attic looking rather forlorn.

The current younger generation will reminisce, by which time, they'll be grey too.

Things will continue, and no doubt morph with the times.


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Default Re: Changing the BVWS

Exactly, I work with a lot of younger people in their 20's and when I say I restore/play with old electronics they laugh and look at me like I'm an Alien!
I'm 56 and they look at me like I'm 150.

I really don't think changing the name will make the slightest difference to attracting the younger generation, only maybe a bit more internet exposure on the search engines.
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