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Old 10th Dec 2017, 11:32 pm   #41
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Default Re: Repeat guaranteed!!

Originally Posted by G0HZU_JMR View Post
The one that is driving me mad at the moment is 'jump to the beat' by Stacy Lattisaw. I haven't heard this cheesy old disco song for maybe 30 years but Heart seem to play it every day

Click on the link (below) to this song at your own peril... I can't get this song out of my head because I hear it almost every day at work and it's been like this for a few weeks now
I haven't had a good laugh for a while but this has certainly changed things!

The song wasn't bad really, and good for it's time, but I appreciate repetitive playing would drive anyone up the wall.
It's the same in many shops where the same old songs/tunes are continuously played. The shop staff who suffer this must be affected. The music played in Poundstretcher is particularly annoying.
I've found some tunes rhythms are difficult to remove from the brain, the tune keeps playing even when trying to get to sleep.

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Default Re: Repeat guaranteed!!

My daytime works listening is to radio 4 FM, but even that's getting repetitive at the moment. The Today programme, woman's hour, You & Yours, World at One and PM....all discussing the same few topics (we all know what..) from different viewpoints.
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Default Re: Repeat guaranteed!!

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
One of the few tv stations I watch is Quest but I have now stopped watching it as every other advert is for a funeral plan. At my age of (mumble) and not being in too good health I really don't need this repetitive depressional reminder of my mortality every ten minutes.

I emailed Quest to tell them that I had stopped watching their channel as the adverts are too depressing and just received a bland reply that they took viewers comments seriously which they obviously don't as the misery keeps coming.
We like the Quest & variations, but the adds? The simple solution is a set-top box. We've got two- his and hers. One is the older one which has memory problems when the HD gets a bit full. The only time we watch a live program is on BBC, and even then, with the new box, we have the option to watch in iPlayer. Occasionally, when there's a lot on we want to watch, it's drag out the VCR and Sat box. That's five recording, with the possibility of watching another two on the STD. Will the ad programmers EVER work in the real world?
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