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Vintage Audio (record players, hi-fi etc) Amplifiers, speakers, gramophones and other audio equipment.

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Default Re: Dansette Viva

The Dansette Prince, Bermuda MKII and the mains only Transit (all U series jobs) had the deck earthed and the cartridge isolated by capacitors.

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Default Re: Dansette Viva

Originally Posted by jackruby52 View Post
Good morning to all. Firstly to answer Station X questions, The mains green earth wire goes to the tab above the switch (not connected) then a green wire attaches to that tab goes up to the 5 tab below the drum and screwed into it which I think earths it. (pic1&2).
Then the cream wire goes to the fuse and fuse board along with the other green wire (remaining pics). Hope this answers your questions.
As you say the green (earth) wire of the incoming mains cable goes to the deck via the centre tag of the three way tag strip.

The green wire attached to the live (brown) tag on the output of the mains switch goes to the anti-surge resistor.

The white twin core cable connects the output of the cartridge to the volume control via the isolating capacitors.

The grey/cream twin core cable connects the volume control to the amp.

Before plugging the player into the main supply, I suggest that you use your meter to conform that, with the player switched on, there is no continuity between the Live and Neutral pins of the mains plug and the deck.
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