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Default Re: Lots of Radio Restoration on YouTube

I love these repair and equipment you tube videos as they often indicate short cuts or what is wrong which you can try first. OK I know one should use a sig gen or tracer and go methodically through each stage until you find where the signal vanishes but finding a video with comment such as 'the anode resistor in this model goes low frequently and takes out the valve' can save some time so long as you are careful to check voltages etc about the stage after repair.

Often though I marvel at the number of times some people put their fingers very close to high voltages when pointing to a feature - one wonders how many videos ended early with a quick scream and the item being dropped that we never see.
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Default Re: Lots of Radio Restoration on YouTube

One of the problems of the YT is edit length, what is the best way to edit and break down a project (and I know it takes ages to film , edit and post), but some suffer to be too short and some too long to stay awake through (its my age !). Is splitting into segments as some of the Record Player restorations have done better ?

Not electronics as such but some of the Standupmaths related posters are good for maths problems and solvings - better explainations than I got at school on some non-number mathmatical problems like knot theory and venn diagrams. That also crosses over into the language posters, mapmen, and some archelogogy. Sometimes the best bit of YouTube is the comments
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