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Vintage Computers Any vintage computer systems, calculators, video games etc., but with an emphasis on 1980s and earlier equipment.

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Default CRT Controller Handbook (1980)

For Info:

I recently (re)discovered I'd got a original copy of this book - Which states it can be used to update Section H of "An Introduction to Microcomputers - Volume 3 Some Real Support Devices" (Osbourne/McGraw-Hill 1978)
(Which it seems I've only picked-up the Volume 0 "The Beginner's Book" of, so far)

It only covers five main devices, with these three being rather obscure:
- Nat. Semi DP8350 (has mask-programmed options),
- Intel 8275
- SMC 5027 / Texas 9927.

But it does have a chapter on the more-common 6845 (Although only original non-enhanced 6845 without extra suffixes).

Plus, most interestingly, a chapter on the 6545 version of the 6845
- where they cover the (few) differences from the more usually used 6845
(It seems you can have a non-continuous E-Clk, for easier use on non-68xx/65xx systems without that)
So I thought this may be of interest to those with the CRTC versions of the CBM/PET, as I recall this recently being discussed on the one ScottishColin had recently acquired and now got working.

I found a copy of this book is viewable / a 33MB download here:
(But I'm not seen if there was ever an updated version of it, that covered any other CRTC's)

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