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Default 1950's West German Valve Radios.

Apropos of nothing in particular, has anyone wondered why luxurious looking West German valve radios of the 1950/60 period all seem to have been slung together inside, components tacked everywhere?
They all seem to be like it; think Grundig, Telefunken, Nordmende etc and other makes of the period.
It just seems to fly in the face of what we think of as German quality and precision.
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Default Re: 1950's West German Valve Radios.

Yes! The quality is there - but the execution is devilish!! (I've recently worked on several Nordmende and Grundig receivers - and it's been a real pain.)

However 'you've got to go through hell .... to get to heaven' .... and the final results have been well worth the effort.
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Default Re: 1950's West German Valve Radios.

I found the build quality of my Grundig 3028 a bit patchy which I am nearly finished in this thread: The valve sockets are a bit flimsy and the solid core wiring around the rectifier and transformer very thin and fragile with insulated bare ended wires passing close to components. The dial backplate has smudges and finger marks in the paint. Overall the design is excellent and the set will be a great performer but it seems the inevitable intervention of the bean counters is evident. Bash 'em out ASAP!

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