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Websites Found an interesting website? Post the details here and share it with the rest of us. Please stick to websites that are in some way related to our hobby/interest.

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Uncle Bulgaria
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Default Low-Tech Magazine

This is my favourite website.

Its strapline is 'doubts about progress and technology'. The proprietor posts about an article a month, well-researched and cited, covering old methods of doing things that we now assume have to be 'high tech'.

The general idea is that in order to be 'sustainable' we have to investigate ways of being that are pragmatic without subscribing to the Church of High Tech, which seems to be the prevalent religion today.

Similar to the desires of UK Vintage Radio Forum's members, the emphasis is on functional and understandable technology with a valid purpose. Articles include the mechanical transfer of power, matching demand to supply (working when the wind blows, for example) rather than sizing fossil fuel supplies to an imagined demand, a low-tech Internet, the myths of electric vehicles, how the Netherlands was dredged before steam power etc. etc.

When I first discovered it I was fascinated and stayed up all night reading the whole website.

The sister site 'No Tech Magazine' contains all the links from 'Low Tech Magazine' but also links to articles elsewhere in a similar vein through the 'No Tech Reader' posts.
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dave walsh
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Default Re: Low-Tech Magazine

That's great UB-I presume you are inspired by the Wombles and their pioneering eco re-cycling philosophy! Low Tech makes a great fit with the Nexus Magazine that I have subscribed to for years. You can get it anywhere now but originally I had to seek out a retailer at some distance from home as it seemed to upset a lot of people when it was simply representing a number of alternative historical and or scientific ideas [often with considerable research documentation] that should not have been a threat to anyone who didn't have some real [or imagined] vested interest. All sorts of patently ridiculous claims of political or social bias were made about the magazine and it's owner that actually turned Nexus into it's own conspiracy theory, when there was absolutely no basis for this at all. There have been many articles on unusual aspects of electromagnetic motor theory for example. Nobody has to agree!

Some here may recall the original Undercurrents magazine from the early seventies that was very practically based [like Low Tech] and was even going to set up an "alternative" Amateur Radio network at one point! It then seemed to be displaced by the Ecologist [surprisingly set up by James Goldsmith in 1984] and Resurgence magazines. They now seem to be a combined theoretical and academically based volume that takes a safe world view and isn't really locally based at all. I will be pleased to catch up with Low Tech as it seems to be recovering a lot of the immediately practical and technical ground familiar to Undercurrents Subscribers then and Forum members now.

Dave W
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