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Member Introductions and News A place where members can introduce themselves and post occasional news about themselves.

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Default Re RIP Les Grout from GWM radio

In the 80's I came every month in Worthing buying items until the van was full. Spend many hours with Les upstairs, later in his cabin-office in the court-yard ( better left the door open) and Yogi in his lab. Visiting all the garages they used for storing goods in Worthing. I am wondering if Wells and Martin are still around. Does anyone know?
A pity that Simon had to close.
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Default Re: Re RIP Les Grout from GWM radio

Sad to hear this.

Over the years I bought quite a bit of stuff from GWM:

ACollins TCS12 receiver, and a couple of PCRs (all of which I still have),
A complete set of spare valves for a Canadian WS52 receiver,
A Storno bootmount 2M transceiver and control-box,
A Pye MX294,
A bunch of Pye PF2 walkie-talkies (they had a 'special offer' where you got five radios/speaker-mics/batteries/antennas/carry-cases for 50 - but it was pot-luck whether they were AM or FM, what frequency-band they covered, or whether they were handheld or bodyworn).

When I had a problem with the Storno conversion I must have spent half an hour chatting to one of the GWM guys on the phone while we sorted the issue (a control-line to the EPROM was making bad contact) and he seemed genuinely happy to help.

GWM's closure was a sad day.
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Default Re: Re RIP Les Grout from GWM radio

I bought a UHF Storno 5000 from GWM and made the classic error of trying to remove the RF PCB without first undoing the driver transistor nut on the other side of the chassis.


I wrote to GWM explaining what I'd done and they very kindly sent me another driver transistor free of charge, although I certainly had not asked them to replace it for nothing. I considered myself lucky that they had replacements at all.

That was my first 'high power' 70cms radio, which I used for several years afterwards. I still have it somewhere, it was a very neat conversion by my standards.
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Default Re: Re RIP Les Grout from GWM radio


As a young kid back in the 1970s, I used to frequent the GWM radio shop in Worthing, my place of birth, and often picked up surplus circuit boards for various projects. There was always something interesting there to look over, not that I could afford much as a youngster, but was keen and interested all the same.

I remember one of the TV technicians at Bowers and Wilkins service department occasionally went there for replacement Avo 8 multimeters and other equipment. One of my teachers took me there to obtain components for a project that I was working on for the school.

Happy memories

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